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Causes- signs and symptoms

Exact cause is not known and it is not a single cause deformity. When the face grows between 4th and 12 weeks of intrauterine life hundreds of genes express by means of synthesis of proteins that directly build or regulate the development and growth of the lip and palate.
Some of these genes may not express correctly due to inherent defect in the DNA or due to the effect of epigenetic environmental factors that may in turn affect the function of genes. There may, sometimes ,be toxic effects of some pollutants ,drugs, medicines etc. and or deficiencies of some nutritional substrates.
  • Unilateral cleft of the lip
  • Bilateral cleft of the lip
  • Complete cleft of the lip and palate
  • Cleft of palate alone
  • Submucous cleft of palate
  • Rare facial clefts